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Sheep and weeds



This is on the other side of the driveway from their pasture and it’s either let them out on days we’re home or we have to mow and weed eat.   That’s not a very difficult decision and they are so happy to be weed eaters.   It is so interesting to watch them eat.   A taste of this, then a taste of that.


And here is what happens when I walk toward them.   They think I must be coming to give them grain.   They were wrong tonight, but managed to push the gate open and were waiting for me to grain them.


IMG_4402Can you see all the yellowish “weeds”.   Really they are tiny maple trees that all have to come out this year.   By next year their roots will have buried so deep that they will be very difficult to pull.  They are all through the blueberries and grape patch, so I have hired someone to come and pull them.

I tried to do some heirloom sewing today and just cannot see well enough to do the kind of job I like to do.   It will be another month before they will check my eyes and write a prescription and then another week until I get the glasses.   Right now, if I had it to do over again, I would pass.   I’m just a bit discouraged by all this.  Maybe I just need some chocolate.  Most likely, I need to trust that God knows what is best.