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Hoop house tour

First, before I forget,  I got a question about the granola, so if you read the comments from yesterday, you will find how I make it.


The raspberries – though not in the hoop house are off to a running start.   We had to put the little fence around them as the sheep LOVE raspberry leaves and will totally strip them.


As one enters the house, on the left are various types of lettuce, Swiss chard, Chinese cabbage and other greens.   Down near the other end are cauliflower and broccoli.


This is the left center row.   In front are zucchini (marigolds to go outside in middle there), a few wayward potatoes, cucumbers and space for melons on the other end which still needs weeding.


This is on the right of the doorway, and is technically my tomato spot.   In the front here, I am trying to grow some sweet potatoes.  This is a new experiment for me, so we will see if they do well.


This is farther down the tomato row.   Though we covered this row for the winter so we wouldn’t have to weed, the volunteer tomatoes are coming up.   Some I left as they were because they were in the row though not straight and many others, I moved over to the rows.  I planted and left 52 volunteers and on my way out, I saw I missed another 10 or 12.   So Sunday, they will get moved.   It will be a surprise what is where.   Last year I planted 12 or more various types of tomatoes.


This is looking from the other end of the tomato row.   I have started planting beefsteaks that I grew from seed this year.   The seedlings didn’t do very well, and it looks like I am keeping them too wet.  Maybe they will do better in the ground.


This row has beets, kale, more that I don’t remember.   I still want to put carrots and cantaloupe in the ground.   Maybe Sunday that will happen.IMG_4450And across the back are some potatoes which need hilling.   I think I will cut them back before I hill them.