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My truth


This is another pair of self striping socks that I am using the pattern K6, P2.   I really liked the fit of the last pair and they look better than all knit.

 Each of us has different reactions to what happens to us.   Noon started day 2 of the new lens.   Contrary to what many others told me, I still am quite hazy in that eye.   My balance is also suffering.  The doctor visit went well and he is quite pleased with the progress so far and I go back in a week.    I don’t think that my experience is all that different from others, just that while I’m in the middle of it, I’m reporting on it.   My guess is others are so pleased with the results and so will I be in a week, I’ll have forgotten this side of it – that is – until the other eye is done.   Meanwhile, I’m finding that I bump into walls at times, and cannot see well enough to sew.   I tried to knit for awhile because that doesn’t take as much thinking, but even that was slow and I feel tired.    DH thinks all is normal because even though I was awake, they gave me a pill to make me very relaxed.   Until that is out of my system, he thinks I will just have to “go with how I feel”.  So I apologize and ask that you bear with me this month and as soon as possible, I’ll get more done and have more to show you.