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More unsewing than sewing


I started to quilt this flimsy because I thought the machine problem was solved.   It is not, the thread refuses to stay between the discs and therefore the horrible mess on the underside..   15 minutes to put it in and two hours (with interruptions) to take it out.  So after removing the stitches, it was  on to better things.

The garden items that are in the ground, plus the blueberries, raspberries, grapes and apple trees all received their dose of fertilizer since it is supposed to rain tonight and then not again until next Tuesday a week away.    Now that they have been fertilized, the rain can water it all in.    I also did the plants in the hoop house and watered that in.   My this all takes a lot of time.   Oh, yes, I also had to get more peat moss as we are trying to improve the soil on the hill.


I pulled this out today, hoping to get to sew, but such was not the case.    It is a very cute Martha Pullen design for the 18″ dolls and will refresh my heirloom skills.   I intend to take it methodically (read that as slowly), so I don’t have to unsew any of it.      I have the fabric, trims, buttons and elastic and I’m ready to go, when there is some me time.