Sad day


Fiber making is hard work – sometimes happy and sometimes very sad.   This morning, this little fellow’s mom ran off without him.   After a visit to the vet, we learned that she probably knew he was born defective and that’s the way of animals.    We don’t really know what was wrong with him, but he was running a high fever and without a necropsy, which might not have shown anything, we don’t know.    I suspect the problem was in having a teen mom and dad whose bodies were not really ready for this.    The other lamb born yesterday is also battling.   His mother seems to have very little milk, so we are supplementing him and will see if he makes it to the morning.   Losing an animal never gets easier.

 Yes, fiber making aka farming is hard sometimes.

4 Responses

  1. Lois says:

    I’m sorry!

  2. jatshaw says:

    That IS very sad! Hope the second one makes it!