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Weed whacking, phone

Did  you know that you need to periodically clean out the little hole where you plug into your smart phone.   I didn’t which caused me a trip to AT&T to find out why it wasn’t charging.   It had too much dust and dirt to connect.

I am feeling hemmed in by the weeds which have grown as tall as the flowers, so today, the weed whacker and I spent some time together.   But it is so overwhelming and really very difficult to find help.

And because today the computer is somewhat behaving, here is a photo of the green and cream colors that I cut for the quilt, plus the picture of 4 blocks put together.

Other than that, I cleaned a stall in the barn and worked on more lamb halter training.   They do not like those lessons.

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  1. Judy Shaw says:

    Where’d you get that pretty red iris? Isn’t it amazing how fast weeds grow? have a great weekend!