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My day

Haltering babies:   So much easier to tie them to the 2 x 4 and let them learn they aren’t in charge, than to let them pull you around.

My today

  1. Feed dogs at both barns

  2. Drive DH to gym and wait

  3. Ordered bird netting for berries

  4. Made day’s list

  5. Went to grocery store

  6. Went to office store

  7. Came home, made lunch

  8. Picked up co-op order

  9. Went to feed store to get more sheep collars

  10. Cheated and Napped

  11. Spent 2 hours working sheep with halters

  12. Put coats on some of them

  13. Fed, watered all sheep

  14. Watered in hoop house

  15. Picked and washed kale

  16. Picked and washed 2# cabbage and leaves












No one gets between these pushy, shovey, 150# girls at mealtime!


I still have a few things left on my list that didn’t happen – maybe tomorrow.   But then some of these same things will appear on tomorrow’s list – like the sheep.  This gives you an idea of why I don’t get much quilting or other hobbies done.

Early to bed tonight.   I have 2 young men coming in the morning to help with the weed whacking (I think/hope they’re coming).