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Yarn, more yarn, and patterns

Today was the day to gather the yarn from various places, sort and make a written inventory.   I don’t have nearly as much as many of my friends, but it seemed to be hiding in various places.   Then I gathered the sock instructions that I get free of the internet – which were also hither and yon and they are now in 2 notebooks.

I also took the time to go through the skeins and set them so they start at the same color place on the sock.   It would make it so much easier if the manufacturer did that, but I think they just cut when they come to a certain number of meters.   So now my sock yarn is in balls and ready to use.  That should help me to get started on a new project faster.   Somehow knowing that I have to rewind it and make the pattern matches really slows me down.   I even found one skein that was skeined reverse.   I had to lay out many yards out to find the repeat before I figured that out.

And while doing this, I found another pound of the pretty burgundy that I was spinning, so I can spin more of that now.

This is one of the smallest lambs and one of the most difficult to catch.  She makes up for size in her zippy movements.   Today was her third day of halter training.   The first day, she was a bucking bronco, yesterday, not too bad.   Today, she managed to slip out of it and get away.   Somedays, it is hard for me to win these battles.