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What a week!

What a week this has been!  To preserve sanity, I retreated to the sewing studio and quilted this piece with some nice light clouds.   You can see in the upper left corner what the back fabric is.  It still needs a binding.

I still have to turn the computer off and on several times and hope that one of the times it will let me use the icons, so I am limping until I can find a solution, which I am really hoping does not involve a new computer.

The hoop house is only about half full now that the winter greens have been removed.  But the peapods and lettuce are doing great and we are able to use them.

Our weather promises to be sunny this weekend (75) and I am planning to pretend I am on vacation tomorrow afternoon and do nothing except lay in the sun and feed sheep.   I wish a good weekend for each of you.