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Nothing remarkable – but mighty important

Most of the days are like this for most of us.   Nothing remarkable – but mighty important to keeping the days going smoothly.

What if I didn’t change the vacuum bag or vacuum the rug?   What if the bird cage didn’t get cleaned out, or the animals fed?  What if the meals didn’t get made or the kitchen floor swept and the dishes done?   How about the laundry – how long before someone notices we didn’t get it done – or the bathrooms cleaned?

What if the weeds next to the house didn’t get cut back or pulled?   Or the plants – flowers and vegetables didn’t get watered?

What if I didn’t put gas in the car when it was getting low?   Or what if I didn’t stop to speak to a family member, friend or neighbor?

Life would be pretty colorless and stinky.   Yet, sometimes, when I come to communicate with you, I feel I have done nothing.   I’m betting you look at some of your days the same way.    Go back and answer the questions.   Realize how important you are to keeping the wheels turning in your loved ones lives.

We are essential!    Enjoy your specialness.  We are blessed to have floors to clean and dishes to do and food to assemble and cook.   We are indeed very blessed and I am so very thankful.