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Impossible girl progress

The “Impossible girl” sock progress is slow but steady.  The instep is now done and I am on the home run to the toe.

I started to lay out the beds for the potatoes and onions today, when I realized I didn’t have the twine I needed.   I went to the hardware store and they directed me to the feed store.   At the feed store, I found an employee who told me they don’t keep it out on the floor, only in the back room, until someone asks for it.   How do they sell it that way?

So having purchased it, I made my way back home, where I found the sheep migrating (with help) over to the neighbor’s house.  They wanted the back yard mowed down.  Then the pasture seed arrived and we had a good visit with the people who delivered it.

Now it was suppertime for sheep.  They know when suppertime is and as soon as the gate was opened, they were in a mad dash.  Look at this lamb who has learned how to jump over the side into the feeder.   This is one of my show lambs and I need her to stay relatively clean.  The side now has another board on it, so she can’t get over it.