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Unusual day

I started my day with a trip to the gym which was nearly the only ordinary thing about yesterday.

When I got home, my boomerang son met me with the fact that we “have a very limping big white sheep” which was the start of my unusual day.   I assumed she managed to get a foot caught in her coats  which happens occasionally.     Not so!   After some work, I managed to get her and another sheep into a partially empty stall.  It is at times like this, you find doors that don’t work and other “fun” farm chores needing attention.

Diagnosis:  prolapsing started.    Vet called.  Meanwhile I stayed at the barn since I had a stall that I needed to clean and had actually started the day before.  This stall floor hadn’t been cleaned in 6 weeks, so there was a lot of wet, matted, decomposing, heavy hay.   I worked on that until lunch, ran home, made lunch, mopped two floors, ran to the grocery for half a dozen items,  and came right back to the job.   Intermittently, I was keeping track on what was going on with this sheep.

The vet was here about 1/2 an hour and a friend came to help.  Now the two sheep will stay in this 10 x 12 stall until she lambs in 2-3 weeks (sheep always need a companion).  The extra hay has been removed so they have more room.  I will check on them 2-3 times a day.   It appears there will be 2 or possibly 3 lambs.   We don’t have long to wait.    This is why I always like to have another stall ready to go.   One just never knows.   I did finish cleaning out the other stall, and  have 5 more to go.   3 have deep winter bedding which means it is about 2 feet deep in places and will take a lot of time and effort unless I get lucky and find someone needing a few dollars.  Now that the weather is warmer, I need to clean the stalls every 2 weeks

Yesterday was definitely not an ordinary day, and I stayed and worked  there until 4.   I came home and fell asleep.   It has been years since I worked that long and hard.   As I continually point out to my DH, “the sheep will keep us healthy as they make us use our muscles and we have to get outside daily”

And if I didn’t have them, I probably would have done more shopping, or sewing, or even house cleaning.   There definitely would not be some unusual muscles complaining today.   And I would have had my blog done yesterday, instead of so late.

However, I love this way of life and am so thankful to be living here.   Enjoy the day.   Company will be here shortly.

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