Daily Archives: January 30, 2018




Winter or spring?


Is it winter or spring, or perhaps half way in between?   The Christmas cactus, that actually bloomed at Christmas,  is once again blooming.   Today though the winds were cold, the hoop house was warm.

The garlic in the left photo is coming up nicely.   I planted it inside last fall because we weren’t sure if we’d get to an outside garden this spring.  In the right photo, the kale at the back is still doing great.   I weeded this much today – which is about 1/3 of it.   Just trying to get the weeds out before they really get a start which in here is very early.  And I want to get the greens started as well.

I’m trying to squeeze a few minutes of sewing into each day, with some days being more successful than others.  I’m ready to start putting this quilt top together now.  It is “Spool Souffle” from the Fat Quarter Shop