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Juliette won!

Today, DH felt a real need to go to Costco, because we hadn’t been there this year yet and this Parkinson stuff makes him worry even more than before.  So while he was putting on his shoes, I started out to the car.   You don’t have to guess who bolted past me and past him, going from one end of the house to the other, with a pause in each room as if looking for something.   Juliette won!   She toured the entire floor (without mishap) before I could get her turned around with animal crackers.   Then out the back door and up to  where the other sheep are, she followed.   She is now a sheep again, in the pasture with the other sheep.  Grain does wonders.

And we did our damage at Costco.   It is amazing how much one can spend without buying much food.   We did buy raisins and figs, and some dog treats.   The bulk of our buying was things like toilet paper, dishwasher soap, jeans, etc. and it added up fast.     I was glad I had made mashed potatoes, with falafel patties and green beans to fill up before we went to a grocery store.  It does save money.