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Daisy and cords

Daisy and cords do not belong in the same room.   She is an 8 month old puppy and everything is for chewing.   EVERYTHING!  Sunday I will be purchasing new extension cords and some tubing to run them through.  It seems while the power was off, she managed to chew through the cord that connects to the hotwire, so the fence is still not hot.   Then she chewed through the cord that heats the water for the rams so we don’t have to break ice when it freezes.   Yes, she is still a puppy, but is getting to be a rather expensive puppy.  And it is the human’s fault because we know she is a puppy and it’s our job to make sure everything is safe.

It appears the sheep didn’t take as soon as the male entered and we may be more like 4 weeks from lambing.  The sheep are in good condition so that’s good.

I went to the gym this morning and the trainer wore me out.   This new trainer is giving me my monies worth.   I came home, ate and took a nap.   He assured me I would be sore for the next two days and he may be correct.   But that’s the idea – get stronger, right?

Tonight, the tree frogs in the hoop house are singing with all their might.   They usually start at the pond the end of January.   So the hoop house must be about a month ahead in weather temperature.


Shabbat Shalom