Daily Archives: January 26, 2018




Heated gloves

My fingers get so cold when working outside that I purchased these heated gloves from Amazon.  There is a place in the cuff to put batteries which will heat the fingers.   I was so happy with them for about an hour as they actually were warm.   After an hour, the batteries died.   I really need gloves that will keep my fingers warm for longer than that so will do more research.  But while they worked, they were wonderful.   Today I cleaned stalls for more than 2 hours and it is important to have warm fingers.  Otherwise, they hurt too much when I come in.

No, I didn’t do any craft today, just relaxed after the barn chores and the lunch – oh, and had some company.

We went to Paneras for our 55th anniversary lunch.   Interestingly enough, the area where we sat had 7 tables, 5 with people at them.   There were mix ups in the meals of 3 of the tables.    Eventually everyone did get what they ordered.  Does that mean the caliber of people being hired has gone down?

What did we discuss at lunch?   Why of course, the ups and downs, the left and right turns and in the end we are glad we stayed the course.   The roller coaster ride has been interesting.

Shabbat Shalom