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Lambing supplies

Normally, sheep take minimal care-just feed, water, and cleaning.  I’m hoping that the birthing process this year doesn’t take any more care than it has in the past.   However, since there should be between 15-20 birthing, it was essential to purchase some emergency lambing supplies for insurance.   There are some supplies that are needed for each birth, like the iodine, syringes with needles, etc, but other things are just for emergency.   I think I have everything put together except to grab some old towels and purchase some more buckets.  $250.00.   Fortunately one lamb will pay the bill.

And to add to the fun we have around here, Beau tried to get through this gate as I was trying to keep him from getting through.  Now the rotten post is being held up by the latch.   Just another something to keep us from getting too comfortable.   I think this summer will include replacing many posts.

And the skies just keep dripping – no, today, they were running.   I am so ready to see the sun.   But the forecasters are telling me that is still at least 10 days away.