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Seahawks tote

I got this idea for a Seahawks tote as I was getting ready for bed last night, so pulled what fabrics I have in these colors and laid them out for this morning.  And no, this is no on my list of things to do, it just seemed like a great idea.   Tonight, I am back to drawing diagonal lines on the little squares.   (In case you’re interested, this is the road to unfinished projects.)

It was such a beautiful day, I decided first to clean a stall.    Well, the sheep wanted to stand exactly where I wanted to clean so after 3 wheelbarrows, I called it quits for today.   Maybe tomorrow.   Or maybe just a bit each day.  It is difficult to move anything when a sheep is standing on it.








I went back to the house and sewed the tote.   I used a pattern for the size to cut, however, did construct it a bit differently.  It finished at 5.5″ deep, 16.5 x 18.5″ for the front.   It has two outside pockets on the first photo and 3 on the second.   This seems so big to me.   What do you think?   I hope the recipient is okay with big enough to put the stadium blanket and other items in here.

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