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Split pea soup

Somehow I didn’t get a photo, but we made two batch of split pea soup.   We canned 24 pints and the rest will happen in the morning. DH enjoys this EVERY evening for dinner.

  Some days, I run out of energy.   Maybe because I spent time in the barn changing sheep coats and cleaning out a stall that I left too long, so it was deeper than I like.   Tomorrow after I get back, I have more stall cleaning to do.  If I was really, REALLY smart, I would pick up the dropped hay weekly and then it wouldn’t have a chance to mat so badly and would not be such a workout.

 I did a minor amount of work on these brown flying geese.   I think these geese will take all week, because tomorrow I have to go up to the mall and return some items.   I keep putting this trip off.   Shopping is not a high priority anymore.  But eventually they will get done.

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