Sheep collectables

My friend makes these darling little sheep collectibles using real wool.  She has several orders and is behind, so this morning

was spent making ears, legs, and eyes.   Tomorrow, we will make the heads to put these onto, and then she will finish them at home over the weekend.   They have several coats of paint, which take awhile to apply.  So these are labor intensive, but they do help pay for the hay her animals eat, so that is good.

These came today from Amazon.   They are battery operated gloves for when it gets below freezing.   As I’m adding years to my body, it gets less cold tolerant.   So I’m ready for the next freeze.

3 Responses

  1. Dar in MO says:

    Very clever collectibles. So glad she is able to use the proceeds from their sales for her sheep. Those gloves look like they will really do the trick to keep you warm. I got new gloves for Christmas too from an aunt, but no batteries in them. They are thermal ones, though.

  2. Those sheep are absolutely adorable!!! Are the ears made of leather?
    I could have used a pair of gloves like that last week – but I didn’t know that they existed… off to scout out Amazon…

  3. Judy Shaw says:

    Nice of you to help your friend! I hope you’ll post a photo of a finished sheep. Those are impressive gloves!