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Pe(s)ts help with taxes

Juliette (a Ouessant sheep) thinks she is a dog, having been raised that way.  And apparently DH thinks that I need pe(s)ts help with the taxes with which he is not willing to help.   Twice today, I had to leave what I was doing to usher Juliette and Beau out of my lap.  When the dogs get in, they head for Mom – who spends more time with them and provides for their stomachs.   They know!  Juliette got in once, but was ushered back out before any mishaps.   I’m not willing to find out if she is potty trained, but have you ever seen a sheep that was?  She doesn’t want to be a sheep today, so she can spend the night with Beau and go back to being a sheep tomorrow.   It’s the little things that make farm life interesting.   The taxes are progressing nicely and one more day should finish them, and then I have promised DH a trip to Costco.

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  1. Dar in Mo says:

    That is so funny. I can’t imagine a sheep coming into the house while you are working and trying to sit in your lap.