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The Valentine pillow with ribbon roses

img_0159I only put this off 10 years and now I know why.   I have never made flowers with wired ribbon before and there must be tricks that I don’t know.   I went to Joann’s to get some more ribbon with wire and they were out of the sizes and colors I need, so back to the original (I’m assuming) plan that I find a fine wire and sew it to the ribbon I do have.  However, I forgot to look for the wire while I was there.  I still need to put filling in the pillow before I start putting the flowers on it.

However, while I was at Joann’s they had the fabric I need for my next embroidery project at 60% off +another 20% off that.   So instead of $10/yard, I paid 3.20.   That made up for what they didn’t have.

And just for fun today, my sim card in the phone went bad, so no phone calls in or out.   Tomorrow I get to go to about 1/2 hour drive each way to get that taken care of.  I have no idea what they cost.  Funny thing is that there was a time, it wouldn’t have mattered.  Oh, how dependent we get on devices.   We don’t even have a land line.  So tomorrow will consist of gym, grocery shopping, and going to the phone store.   That should take a good amount of time.  But this year, I have promised myself not to sweat the time.   God gives me the same as He gives you and I just have to figure out where the time is best spent.

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