Daily Archives: January 5, 2017




Zigzagular socks #1 and a menu


Zigzagular socks from Prairie Girl Designs is my first bit of knitting this year.  I really don’t need another project, but I don’t have any boms in the knitting world.   I finish each one I start for fear I’ll forget where I am in the pattern or even how to do the pattern.  Plus this is one of the knitting projects I have on my list for this year.    Even though I had trouble with the last Knitpicks yarn, I’m giving them another try because I have it.   I will have to call them tomorrow because uncharacteristically they have not contacted me back.   It may have something to do with the season and their sales.

I could get so much more done if I could just stay home.  Today, I went to get more posts for the fence. Then the hole driller was acting up, so I got to take that to the repair shop and ask them about it and I was supposed to get some brackets to hold the cross bars by the gates, but will do that tomorrow after gym.  Oh, and I have to exchange 4 of the posts because they didn’t pass inspection here.



All of this makes it very difficult to get anything done.   So I asked my DH to please make a menu of what he would like to eat.   This is what he wrote.   When I questioned him about lack of variety, he said he thought I just wanted him to write down what he would eat if he had to cook.   So now we know!   But then he has salad on his list, so he must have looked in the refrigerator and found that I had some made.   And he can make oatmeal, dish granola if it’s already made, open soups, microwave potatoes.   Looks like he won’t starve if I give up cooking.   That’s something to think about.