Daily Archives: January 17, 2017




Sheep shelter and last block

IMG_0057jUnnamed yet, but leaning toward Frosty, escaped detection from the coyotes last night.  Today, in the pouring rain, I tried to make an area safe from the beasts, but failed, so put them in the pen near the Shetland rams.   I’m not sure how great an idea that is, because the fence between the boys is in need of repair   But the Cormos are safe inside a building for tonight and maybe tomorrow there will be some rainless spots in the day.

IMG_0056lLast block:

This is block 16 and paper pieced.  Not perfect, but I’m going to let it pass until  tomorrow.   I spent all morning on this little block.   Paper piecing just seems to take a lot of time.   Tomorrow is gym and grocery day.  I need to pick up my co-op order and should go to Costco.   But I really want to stay home.  I know there are kindred spirits out there.