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2004 Shop Hop Blocks

IMG_0035a IMG_0036s IMG_0037s 2004 Shop Hop Blocks:

I am at the point where not all the pieces that are attached to that particular pattern make sense.    I do need to make 6 more blocks to complete a top and since I do not have 6 more patterns, but I do have an extra package of pieces, I’ll make one up.    A complete quilt is better than a ufo, right?  And when one gets these patterns, one usually only gets some of the pieces, therefore, I also will be coming up with some extra pieces to complete some of the patterns.    However, this quilt top will soon be done and on a hanger which is so much closer to someone being able to use it.IMG_0038s

On another note:  I received these two skeins of yarn from Knitpick in place of the ones with dyes that didn’t come through.   They are really very nice to work with.

PS:   The weather promises to be warmer tomorrow – meaning above freezing day and night for a time.   I’d so much rather rain than freezing.