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Storm at Sea; new phone

IMG_0001ssStorm at Sea is quilted, but when I cut the binding, I find that I am about 10-12″ short, so I will need to take the time to look in various places where it may have been placed.   This quilt was put together a few years ago.   I have always liked this pattern, so soon will have it hanging on the wall.   I was so pleased with myself that I was up and working on this in the morning.

I had hoped that I might be able to get another flimsy quilted today.   No such luck.   Since my phone was not working again, I made an appointment with Apple to have it worked on.  I was sent to Best Buy about 45 minutes away.   But they couldn’t fix it, so sent me another 5 minutes away to the Apple store in the mall.  It was 5 hours from the time I left home, until I returned with a new IPhone.  I’m hoping this time, since they gave me a new phone, my problems will be solved.  It is difficult not being able to send or receive calls.


On the way to the appointment, I stopped at JoAnn’s and picked up 2 yards of Seahawk fabric for a project.   Then there was 7/8 of a yard remnant and I can’t just walk away when offered a good price on a piece that I  know will eventually be needed for a project.   So now I have an increase 2 7/8 yards of fabric – at least until I get a quilt fully finished and can add it to fabric used.  The only fabric I purchased in the last 2 years was Seahawk fabric.  Maybe tomorrow I can either quilt another quilt or find the rest of the fabric and finish the Storm at Sea.

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  1. LOVE your Storm at Sea! (especially the ships in the corners!)
    That’s a quilt I’d like to make someday, but right now it’s so far down on the list, I may never get to it – and I’m okay with that.
    I hope your phone issues are finally done!