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Rain, gray skies and yellow blocks


This morning I did go to the gym, but only did 10 minutes on the bike and I realized that my energy is not back, so did other “run around” chores, like get the co-op order, get the new calendar with the Jewish dates, and go grocery shopping.    By then it was lunch and half the day was spent.

After that, it was time for quilt therapy.   But I wanted something nice and bright so took half a jelly roll and cut yellow blocks to make Chinese coins  (2.5 x 6.5″).   Because the fabric is already 2.5″, cutting goes fast.   Then I tossed the pieces together and started sewing.   It is nice and bright isn’t it?   And this is how many of my ufos happen.   I have a whole list of January projects and this one was not on it.  Nor was it even a thought until today.  But I like it and will finish the top and then go back and finish the top 2004 Shop Hop block flimsy.

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