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Phone woes

img_160-jpgThe man at AT&T spent about an hour trying to determine what was wrong with my phone.   He put a new sim card in and hooked it up to a machine that reads what your phone has been doing.   However, he could not make it work, so sent me another 15 minutes down the road to the Apple repair shop.

As you can see, they are very busy – all the time.   They did squeeze me in about half an hour after I arrived because AT&T had called and we had an appointment.   After a very long intensive look inside the phone, they decided to wipe it clean and download the operating system again.    Then we had to wait more time for everything to download back onto the phone.  Now the phone part works again and I can call and receive calls.   There are still several apps that have to be reinstalled.    I left home at 9.30 for AT&T and left this store at 2.30 – 5 hours so far for phone repair today.

No photo here, but then I went to Joann’s and get this:     It is January and the minimum wage has taken effect.  JoAnn’s has cut their employee hours way back, so where there were three clerks, there is now one.     I took a number at the “cutting” table.   There were 12 people in front of me with one cutting clerk.

Clerk:   “No. 71”   71 steps up and she has a nice visit while having a yard of fabric cut.

Clerk:   “No. 72”  waits, calls again and waits again, then goes to loud-speaker and says “would #72 come to the cutting table”   Then she waits – not working – just waiting.   Finally, she calls #73 and visits with her while cutting and beyond.    This went on and some of the people left.  But she still went through the calling and waiting game.     I had #81 and I needed that yard of fabric or I would have been one that left.

Now to check out of the store.   Here there are 13 people in line and one cashier.   No one left this line,  but this clerk hustled and moved people through the line.  So a 10 minute trip took 50 minutes here.    I got home for supper.

And this is the story of where my quilting time goes.   I hope the rest of the items on my phone work.  They will, won’t they?


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  1. jatshaw says:

    Glad they finally fixed your phone. The only solution for Joanns I’ve decided is to get there as close to when they open as possible.