Knitting and house work


How did all this housework pile up with me down and no children living here?   It’s unbelievable!   OK, I started with sweeping floors this morning, then the laundry, got breakfast, and more tidy up.   Then a brief rest.  Window washer came and oh, my! the dirt I can see with clean windows and the sun sparkling through them – I did sweep one of the floors again, but most of it will just have to wait.  I’m still moving too slowly.  I sat down and enjoyed my email and then it was lunch time, then rest time.   Did you notice anywhere here where I have done any sewing?   Me either.   DH thought I should take up the knitting needles and stay put.  Maybe a good idea, but then the dog got out because the delivery man didn’t close the gate.   However, dog came back before DH got outside, because he – the dog –  really wanted to see me.   So I spent some time brushing him, which was all he wanted – cuddle time.   And I have 5300 steps on my Fitbit .  DH wants to know how that happened when I didn’t take a walk.   I bet all you women know without asking.


IMG_0013aThree rows of knitting were accomplished.   Three little rows.  And I had the “whole” afternoon to knit and while I rested all morning.  Sometimes my head spins, but one has to laugh to stay sane.

3 Responses

  1. Ann says:

    Funny! love the socks
    have a great weekend

  2. Yes, I know all too well…
    My hubby is home today – and then I get almost nothing done, because he needs my opinion on different things (that don’t all get done anyway); then he has to tell me about his quick morning outing, and I have to give my full attention; meanwhile my to-do list is scrolling through my mind – what can I still get done? what tasks can I double up? Can I forget the sweeping until tomorrow?….

  3. Dar in MO says:

    Your morning sounds similar to mine in that I get so many distractions that by noon I have not accomplished half of what I planned. I’m a Fitbit user too, but my steps don’t add up to high numbers until late at night. Your new sock start looks real pretty.