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“GoFor” -my new name


I don’t remember applying for the job, but “GoFor” seems to be my new name this week.  Another fun day started with me dressed to go to the gym and then the dog escaped through the gate before I did    I did not know that he had escaped the pasture.  So instead of gym, I went dog hunting.  It was enough exercise getting him back home.   He seems to think that our little bit of land isn’t enough and he should check out at the very least 10 neighbors and their land.  About the time I got him home, the fellow erecting our fence showed up, so he checked the pasture and repaired the “hot” wire so it is now very hot.   Both dogs respect the heat and will not dig under the wire.

Then the real “GoFor” started”  more posts, more nails, rebar, brackets, wire, etc.   Do you think that I would find it all in one store?   Think again.   First I had to return the bad posts from the load yesterday and come back with some replacements.   Then to another store, that didn’t have the brackets and  it was off to a different store (of course, farther away)  to get the brackets and other items.   Then back home at noon to fix lunch.   After lunch, I finally had time to get the groceries.   And yes, I did make it home by 4 to feed the sheep.

img_0010iBefore I left I made these two blocks from my “Shop Hop 2004” collection.  This is a quilt I want to finish in January.  Each block is from a different store and each store had their own pattern.  I would really like to finish the top this coming week.  But time will tell.

After a week like this, it is so wonderful that God has prepared a special time of rest and renewal.   Happy Sabbath to all of you.

It’s so wonderful after a week like this

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