Better storage and Sunny Chinese coins

IMG_0069sChinese Coins is one of the fastest, easiest and brightest quilts that I remember making.  It was fun watching the bright colors come together in this “rain forest”  labeled as Seattle.   Not complaining – just sometimes a bright spot is fun.   The rust color panels are a solid panel so that went rapidly.   This quilt measures 51 x 70 because I wanted to add a bit of rust color to the coin stacks.    I used Babylock’s love of Sewing with Pat Sloan’s lap quilt pattern.  Her jelly roll had much more variety than the one I had on hand which is why I add the rust.

IMG_0063SAnd these are the better storage units – already full as I just transferred the contents from the units falling apart.

2 Responses

  1. Sally Walter says:

    I like this quilt! Yellow has to be one of those colors we in the great PNW start craving this time of year. I will be on the watch for a shades of yellow and blue jelly roll so I can make one. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. That’s a beautiful quilt – perfect to brighten anyone’s day! We sure could use that here in s. w. Ontario – it’s been drizzly / foggy / rainy for the past 4 days, and next week’s forecast promises more of the same…