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Too short


Quilting was very challenging today.   Perhaps if I quilted a quilt every day, I might actually get good enough at this to enjoy it.   Today there were several challenges.   But the worst was that I did not measure correctly for the backing.   Fortunately, I have more fabric and I’m only doing one block at a time instead of moving across the entire row with one stitching.   Can you see that I am about a foot short – what’s up with that?   Because of how this is being quilted, I took it off the machine and will sew the additional fabric on before continuing.


Here is the block I’m currently quilting and then I will go back and do the ones in between.


So now, it looks like this with which I am happy.    Because a friend is coming over tomorrow that wants a quilt done, I decided to just quit early and get the floor swept and a couple smaller projects done, so we can use the cutting table.


I have been bemoaning  the zucchini were so slow and DH wants zucchini bread.   Look what was very well hidden.   With this there will be several loaves in the freezer.

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  1. Judy S says:

    That is one huge zucchini! Do you have a longarm, or do you FMQ?