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Patterns, patterns, and more patterns.


I had to interrupt cleaning the desktop (no photos of before, because all you have seen were piles of paper) that I started last night to run to JoAnn’s and purchase some doll patterns because they were $.99 and every sewer knows that having too many patterns is not possible.


Then it was back to putting a lot of these papers that have been in stacks and in envelopes, but cluttering the desk into notebooks where they can actually be viewed and used.   In cleaning I found that I have purchased another kit.   I had totally forgotten about this one.   So that makes the 4th.  2 of them are done, and these two are still not started.    Also I broke the punch that I was using to put them into the notebooks, so still have more to go and then find room for the notebooks.   I’ll get a new one tomorrow as I think this one has served for over 40 years.  It appears I need another bookcase, but there is no room for that, so will have to find plan B.

Maybe after all of this gets organized, I’ll be able to find patterns that I want to make and not spend so much time looking for them.   (I do have an apple box of discarded papers as well)