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Zucchini and shopping



Not one, but two of these monsters were hidden in the garden.


Since DH likes zucchini bread, I made 6 large loaves tonight after supper.   There is still enough grated zucchini for several batches of his favorite zuke patties, but I can’t find the recipe.   I know that it uses tofu and I’m thinking oats, but perhaps it was wheat because I haven’t made it since he was put on a gluten-free diet.   This summer he decided he was tired of that and didn’t think it made a difference, so went back to eating wheat.   Now I just need to find that recipe so I can make them and freeze a lot of them.

I started the day at the gym after breakfast, then came home, a quick clothing change and off to both of the Costco stores.   One is for merchants for resale and the other is the normal type of Costco.  It’s interesting how ideas and habits are passed down.   I know that we have stores available all winter long, but Mother came from a Dakota wheat farm, where that wasn’t the case.   They ate during the winter what they put up in the summer.  In turn she canned and put up most of what we ate during the winter.

 Now, even though I don’t grow all our food, I still seem to be driven to have enough food on hand to get through the winter and in this case that means water as well, since when we lose power, we lose water.   Even then, in the winter,  I do go to the store for fresh salad items and other things I’d like, but could get along without.   So it was off to the Costco stores for about 3 hours of browsing and some buying.  (Don’t you love to look and see what new items are there).  There will be another trip or two before bad weather hits.  Then home to make dinner.