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Closet cleanout

IMG_2932 It’s difficult to take a good photo of the area under the stairs that I use as a storage closet.   But I certainly did get a lot of items stored in there.   And since I did most of it about 10-12 years ago, I didn’t know for sure what was there.   So Mary came over and we took everything out – EVERYTHING!  We spent the day going through mostly fibers, but some other things.   made a big stack for “freecycle”, another for Goodwill, a third for trash, another to work on in the immediate future and the last is fibers that I will do eventually, but there is no real rush . IMG_2933 The wool, I took samples of and put in a notebook along with a number on the tote, the alpaca, mohair, and angora are noted as such. IMG_2934 Though it’s difficult to tell from photos, this is now organized.   I know what is in each tote, and


this is part of what is going to freecycle.    There was also a stack like this of items going to a nursing home, trash and Goodwill


And I found the missing dremmel and table.     And we uncovered an extra spinning wheel, which I will sell.    So the totes with organized fibers and all the totes with decorations for each of the holidays now are in that closet.  And stacked so I can easily get to the one I want.    I am so happy to have this done.