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A day of cooking


This morning, I grated potatoes that had been boiled yesterday, added seasonings, then put them on parchment paper on a cookie sheet.   At 400, I baked them for 20 minutes, flipped them, and did a bit over 10 minutes on the other side.   Delicious and no oil!.

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I FOUND the recipe for the zucchini patties that DH likes so much.   It is in this cookbook by Barbara Watson.


IMG_2973   I made 2 batches of triple the recipe which made 6 dozen patties.   We should be good with zucchini patties the winter.  I don’t know what I’ll do with another big zucchini.  I may have to discover more recipes.IMG_2975  I did not have enough bread or bread crumbs to make the second batch, so used oats instead.   The patties are very good, but not as delicate as the ones with bread crumbs.   At least now I know that if we have to remove wheat again, we can still have these burgers.