Daily Archives: August 21, 2015




Friday report

I have not finished any knitting this week, so my numbers have not changed.

Nor do I have anything to show for my day.   We spent 4.5 hours driving each way to a funeral for my uncle today – yes, I’m glad we did.  But It did make for a full  day.    I’m so glad tomorrow is a new day.   And just maybe we will be having a little sheep visiting us from the area that is on fire.    I hear she needs a temporary home.

The other piece of news that I have (without a photo) is that my Dr. is on extended emergency medical leave and I have to change to a different doctor to get my replacement ankle replaced.   The earliest appointment I could get was end of September, which means the surgery probably won’t happen until the end of the year.   The good is that I have time to get more sewing done before I get put off my feet for healing.   I’ll bet I can make my goal of 200 yards of fabric used this year.   And I can put together more things to do from a sitting position.    The garden will just have to wait.