Upward and onward with yellow stripe

Thank you so much for all the emails with hugs and prayers.   Daughter is now home, with no memory of how she fell.   So it is time for us to resume life.


I needed something fairly simple to do this afternoon and these stripes were cut, so I assembled them and this top can now go into the pile to be quilted.   I still have a table full of strips that need to be sorted and put away.  These are easy and pretty enough, that I may make another one or two for people who need them before cleaning off the cutting table.



2 Responses

  1. Judy S says:

    Hope this finds your daughter much improved. Those scary phone calls are ones that give parents grey hair! Looks like you’re keeping busy with an interesting project. Is it chilly out your way like it is here?

    • sharon says:

      She appears to be. But the wound will take awhile to heal. I have earned the grey hair and wear with pride. If I didn’t have my quilting, knitting and other crafts, I think they would have to lock me up. Crafts really are the key to sanity. It is quite cool
      today. But have you seen that Monday is supposed to 77. From 63 tomorrow t1o 77 to 61 – what bouncing