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Spinning and gardening


As I sat down and thought about writing this blog, I wondered how I could make white fiber and an incredible number of hours seem like fun.     I decided that only one who enjoys the process of taking the fiber from raw to finished could understand.   And it would probably be the same if I had a piece of wood with which I was planning to make a fancy planter, or paints to create a photo.    I cannot create the fancy planter or paint the picture, so am happy to purchase from someone who can.

As I brush the dogs, I save what is fairly clean to spin.  The above is a pile of Pyrenees dog wool, which has soft undercoat mixed with the hair.   I will spin wool and alpaca to ply with it.   It will give me hours and hours of enjoyment while I think of those before us who had to make clothes this way.   After I spin and ply it, I will select a pattern (probably a hat) to knit.   Then in years to come,  I will have a memory of these special dogs.


This a good look at hours and hours and hours and more hours of spinning.    When spinning, a little fiber gives hours of enjoyment.   I can’t think of another hobby that ones can get so much fun for the cost.


When the weather warmed up enough to go out and work, I did get another row and a half cleared of weeds and potatoes  planted.  As you can see in the darker areas, there are some volunteers from last year.   I think we will try putting black plastic on the hillsides between the rows as there is just too much hill and too steep to keep it under control.