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Irish meadows


It seemed like a great day – sunny and cool for eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant – The Rio Blanco – a nice little family owned restaurant.   Bill had a vegetable burrito wrapped in corn tortillas plus rice while I had an avocado vegetable tostada.   We really enjoyed it.   Then we came home so I could finish this top.


I wasn’t sure how I’d like this, but I do like all these greens in a random mixture.   So it will get quilted and bound and given.   I have used a good share of my green scraps now (I hope).    I found that some of the other drawers in that little drawer stack have other colors, so there will be other striped quilts coming up.   I like them as they always seem so cheerful.

It seems the quilt tops are stacking up a bit faster than the finished ones, so may have to switch jobs for awhile.