Daily Archives: April 26, 2015




Several finishes including a quilt


Several things are now finished.   It seems for so long, one isn’t accomplishing anything, and then all at once several things cross the finish line.     Though still beautiful these are the last of the tulips and are nearly ended.IMG_2109

Another finish is that the fellow who occasionally is able to help me, had about 4 hours today, so he was able to finish up the garden box in the hoop house.  Now this week, I will get the dirt smoothed out and get the fertilizers on ready for the tomato plants.


He also put up a different fencing on the driveway side here.   We put a low fence up originally because we didn’t want it to look bad.   That didn’t work as the dogs walked right over it.   So now a field fence and maybe if I can keep the chickens away long enough, some sweet peas and other plants to grow up on it.   I like the chickens and they do a lot of bug work, but they are really hard on plant starts.


The lawn mowers are  working out well.   So far, the mowing tractor has not come out of the garage this season.  That gives me a two for one.   No mowing and no hay buying as long as the grasses are good.


This quilt is finished at 48″ square.    I gave the blue one like this to a little boy today who is just 18 months old.   I wanted a photo, but he insisted on burying himself in it.   See if you can find him.


He appears to be enjoying it.

I’m looking at the weather forecast and thinking that there may not be much sewing in this week – more gardening.