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Surprises keep coming


It’s hard to believe that these green stripes have been evading me.   They are scraps from several years ago and I don’t even remember the original intention – hopefully this was it.   However, I opened a small drawer to put something in and these begged to come out.   They are now a new  quilt top just waiting to be quilted.  It measures 41 x 48. I really don’t know what is about these greens as green has never been my favorite color, but I do like it for quilts.


I also worked at moving a box in the hoop house.  We have to move it over about 18″.   So I’ve been clearing where the new side of the box is to be – digging the dirt from the left side, tossing it onto the right side.   The post on the right side will eventually be in the middle.   I still have a couple weeks before planting the tomatoes so I’m okay.


And here is the point from where Lacey enjoys watching the most.   No one can come or go without her watchful eye.    However, usually she must be in the pasture with the animals.  (The alpacas were allowed out to eat weeds today, so she was able to watch from here.)