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Sneezing, coughing and a fast


The sneezing has been going on since Thursday, but when it interferes with life, it’s time to take action .  After seeing that another blogger was happy with this program, we watched the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead with Joe Cross and decided that might be a way to end this cold a bit sooner.    Although if one does have to get all those veggies and fruits, and clean them, then prepare then, it may set one back another day.  Some of his recipes are pretty good and others I can live without.   It’s a good thing we have a choice.   The good news is if you don’t like something, the next time you make it, use a different fruit or vegetable.

Today was our first day and though we are full since we drank a lot during the day, I am very much wanting to chew – you know, like a handful of nuts.   Our goal is 5 days and day one is DONE.