Green stripes quilted

IMG_1943 Have you ever wondered how long it can take a computer programmer to decide where the line for the garden box should be?    Measure twice, cut once, isn’t enough.   To make things more difficult, the fellow that put in the T posts for us, can’t measure accurately.   So it was a fun day of discussion.   However, it has been decided and maybe tomorrow, after a trip to the store for some 1 x 8″ boards, we may get it done.


This afternoon, I did get some quilting done.   Tomorrow, I will take it off the machine and hopefully get the binding on it.

2 Responses

  1. Judy S says:

    Love the garden boxes! I have one whole plant back outside from wintering the the garage. Have to do the rest but it’s chilly here again and raining…..

    • sharon says:

      It’s chilly here and raining as well. I liked how the boxes bloomed with hyacinths and when they were on the way out, the tulips popped up.
      The boxes are what I see from our bedroom. I’m thinking when they are done, I should just put them in the garage for the winter, then I won’t have to replant