Ostrich plume dish cloth and a dog


With such stunning weather and knowing there is work to be done for months without end., of course the most important thing was to finish this dish cloth.  (It is called Ostrich Plume by Edith Taylor and I used Peaches and Cream)


Now, since I was sitting outside, who should show up for a good brushing but Beau.   Look at that smile!.   He is absolutely thrilled to get the attention.  Currently, he’s shedding a lot of fur to be spun.   I think he was releasing more fur as I brushed just to keep me working on him longer.

The alpacas have been moved to another pasture to give the pasture they were in a chance to grow back.   Rotating pastures can be challenging, but does give the animals more food to eat.  And somehow,  I managed to keep busy without doing too much gardening.   That will change tomorrow as I have a lot of seedlings to move into 2″ pots.


2 Responses

  1. Judy S says:

    Hasn’t this weather been great? Love that dishcloth; it’s almost too pretty to use. That stitch would look nice on a scarf, I think.

    • sharon says:

      Weather is terrific and dish cloth will be used. It could make a great scarf, but I’m also thinking blanket.