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The sun is shinning brightly again today and I think there’s a touch of spring fever in the air, though we could still find ourselves with hard frosts until mid April.  Mary came over and we went shopping.    Goodwill netted us nothing.   But here at JoAnn’s I found 8 skeins of baby yarn I wanted and 1/4 yard of Seahawks fabric.   Hard to believe, but I limited myself to 1/4 yard which is already cut out, therefore making myself another ufo, since I am in no rush to finish that project until fall.


These were the only colors of baby yarn we found.  I would like two more, but will start with these.


Remember last week, I ordered 10 skeins of cotton yarn for wash cloths because I was all out.    Not really though, because today I came across this box and most of these are the cottons “I didn’t have”.     None of you have ever had that problem, right?

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  1. Judy S says:

    Just found you on Patchwork Times. Where in WA are you? I just dug out all of my cotton yarn and discovered quite a stash. Lots more dishcloths in my future, I think. Boy, if we have a hard frost, our yard is in big trouble! Lots of stuff is budding out very early.