Daily Archives: February 2, 2015






Such Excitement!   During the Super bowl yesterday, I was emailed that the local humane society had our cat.   First of all, she’s a barn cat and people leave cats out here, not take them.   Secondly, she will not let us touch her.   So when the message said they reached me because of her chip, I was a bit surprised.   About 9 years ago, we received her from the feral cat rescue because they could not calm her down enough to place her in a pet home.   The only thing we can figure out is that she must have hitched a ride when our son went to Starbucks and then got off the car.   So DH went off to rescue her this morning.   She was not happy being gone from here..    My guess is she will not do that again.

Come quilt with me!


I chose to work on this ufo today.   Most of the pieces were cut out and I finished these 4 blocks.   Galactic Explosion  by Nancy Rink was a 2009 BOM.   I did make one which is my extra cover up when I am cold at night or take a rest.  I liked it enough to cut out another and then didn’t sew it.