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Gift basket

    IMG_1378 I had fun this afternoon with this little basket.   The pattern comes from the Accuquilt company and right now is free.  So you might want to hurry over there.   Just double click on the red and it will come up.   Then you can put it in your files.     It was easy to make.   They have you make it strippy as they want you to use their cutter.  I did make mine according to their pattern and because it is reversible, turned mine inside out and I like it better with all one fabric.    There are 6 different sizes included.


 The front one on their pattern, which is the one I did, starts with a 15″ square and ended finished with a 5″ cube.  Press a piece of fusible fleece to each the outside and the lining.   Sew the appropriate corners and putting right sides together , sew around the top.   Be sure and leave at least 1/2 of one side of the top open for turning.   Also I made sure that my corner seams were going opposite directions so there was less bulk.   After turning, put the baskets together and topstitch around the top.  IMG_1374This is the strippy version.  I love this little basket and will put my small rulers in it so that I have a chance of finding them.   In the top basket, you see my 4.5″ ruler and even the 6.5″ ruler will fit in there, but makes it a bit oblong.  The pattern includes cutting instructions for a 4.5 to 9.5″ baskets.

These baskets will also be perfect for gift giving.   Cookies anyone?    Yes, I will be making several more for myself as well as for gifts.