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Pincushion & machine cleaning


Here is a fun scrap project, I hope some of you will enjoy.   I made a 4 patch from 2.5″ squares and then had another piece of fabric 4.5″ square.


I sewed the pieces together  with the pretty sides on the inside, leaving a place to turn, about 1/2 of one side.   Turned, pressed and then I filled it will walnut shells.


  I happened to have this bag on hand, but if you wanted to do more for gifts, try the lizard section of a pet store for a lesser price. I sewed the opening with a needle and thread.


I have done enough machine work lately that it was time to clean out the bobbin area.   Of course, all of you are doing this on a regular basis.  Here is a refresher for those who haven’t done it in awhile.


You will need whatever screwdriver your machine takes and possibly your manual.   Remove the screws over the plate under your presser foot – and I also removed the foot.


In order not to lose the screws and foot, I put them in the thread cavity.  Just be sure they are safe while you are working.   Next take a small craft brush and clean the bobbin holder, then take it out and clean underneath.   It is amazing how much lint gets in the area.


Check your manual, oil if it specifies and put everything back together.   You should be back in business for your next major project.

BANANA update       Yeah! all the bananas are either in the freezer or dehydrator.    Tomorrow morning I will empty those and be done for a few months – hopefully until after canning is done.