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A weekend of bananas


The bananas are ripening.  Today I sliced one box full and put them in the freezer on trays.   After a few hours, I transferred them to bags.   Don’t they look yummy.   Of course now and then a piece did hit my mouth.    The 4 boxes remaining appear to be ready either tomorrow evening or Sunday.   In either case, a lot of Sunday will be freezing and dehydrating these.    When dehydrated, they are wonderful little pieces of “candy”.

It seems as fast as I take items out of the freezer, I find more food to replace it.  Today, I took tomatoes out to make into tomato sauce and for lunch we had corn, zucchini patties, and peas from the freezer.  Then we had black bean dip and salsa from the canning.   It’s terrific to have good food so handy.

I took the seedlings up to the greenhouse when it was only sprinkling.   The rest of the day was medium to heavy rain.    As soon as I can, I need to start planting them in the ground.  Once I start, then it is an unending garden process until the canning is done in the fall.  But the benefits are worth all the work.


IMG_1278This is a part of the crew going in for the night.   The geese were very independent and finally had to be herded in.